What Appears Through Disappearance by Seung-Hwan Oh


just discovered something great and had to share it with you all.
This time I am admiring some beautiful photographic creations,
in particular, a series of photographs called ’Impermanence’ by
Seung-Hwan Oh. The collection is inspired by
the second law of thermodynamics and explores the ideas of temporal
dimension, disappearance and disintegration.

is expressed through microbiological practise, where a film is
submerged into water filled with various types of bacteria that
slowly destroy it. The artist obtains different results by
controlling the conditions for each photograph. And those results are
captivating: human portraits become blurry or even unrecognisable due
to the disintegration of the film. The colours change creating
beautiful dreamlike colour palettes.

To see more great work by Seung-Hwan Oh please visit his website.

All the photographs in this post belong to Seung-Hwan Oh.